MA Drawing, Wimbledon College of Arts, Final Show 2014: Clean. . . Build. . . Install! (Aug 2014)

Clean and Build:

The start of the week began by addressing the most pressing problem of preparing the Sculpture studio.

Clean and build Aug 2014Clean and build 2 Aug 2014

It was looking like such a difficult prospect we considered using the Master in Fine Art space.

Clean and build 3 Aug 2014

I will be showing my animation in the room next to the Centre for Drawing, which has a large wall mounted screen. The first thing I did was to test the ability of a media player to run the animation from a Universal Serial Bus memory stick. The Media player will be mounted on a whit plinth intron of the screen. With a single white extension cable hidden behind the plinth supplying the power.

Clean and build 8 Aug 2014

This picture shows we have a problem of glare on the screen of light coming through the large, curtainless window. You can also see that the glare is reduced on one side of the window which has been covered with cartridge paper, but I think we may need more. Shaun suggest that aluminium foil adhered to the window with using water work well for blacking out light. I initially used newspaper to test screening the window. Finally we plumbed for installing new roller blinds.


Clean and build 7 Aug 2014 Clean and build Aug 6 2014 Clean and build Aug 5 2014CfD window Main gallery Aug 14

Furniture was remove from the room, holes filled and sanded back and marks painted over using a brilliant white paint and a sponge. I am not sure what should be done about the fire place.

Wall Drawings: 

After preparing the room, the time came to install some drawings to the walls. Having seen and Aleksandra Mir’s exhibition at the Drawing Room, I decided to use  their implement of choice the ‘Sharpie’ marker pen.  

The drawings to be reconstructed on the wall were the “What keeps you going?” and “Could do better”.

What keeps you going?? (Insulin) 12 Nov 13 2

You could do better Aug 14

I tested the use of the Sharpie pen for the drawing. It gave a bold black mark that could not be easily painted over but it could be removed with fine sandpaper.

Clean and build 9 Aug 2014

What keeps you going? 21 Aug 14

You could do better (wall) 21 Aug 14


By the end of the week the people were benign to install their work.

Main gallery Aug 14Main gallery 2 Aug 14Sculpture studio Aug 14Sculpture studio 2 Aug 14


Flyers were distributed:

Wimbledon-September MA-Private-View_invites

Wimbledon-September MA-Private-View_invites-1




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