WCA Drawing Lab: Olivia 15 May 2014

Drawing Lab: Yimei Liu (Olivia) 15 May 2014

Time: 10,30- 11,30

Location: Drawing center

Material: Bring any material you’d like to draw.

My Peer workshop is a extend experience of my research proposal. I would try to exam

the interesting gap that memories would change and combining imagination after

repeating behavior. I chose calligraphy as my exam object is because that the original

Chinese calligraphy are based on image of objects. After thousands year developed, they

Change a lot, they appears more abstractive now,but still could track the original

imagination. The peer workshop is separated in to three sections.

The First section:

UntitledI would show five -ten pieces of calligraphy piece by piece , they would be stand for five

seconds. After every piece, I would like all participants could draw down their impression.

5minutes break with discussion.

The second section:

UntitledAll participants could choose a piece of calligraphy. After seconds looking, the piece of

calligraphy would be covered. And all participants need to draw at less five images after

the first impression one by one. 5minutes break with discussion.

The third section:

After above of two sections, participants would asked to create a image from these

practices. (Write down five elements which reminded you when you drawing in last 2

sections) last piece could be create by any form. 5minutes break with discussion.


It is interesting to see how Chinese calligraphy is structured & an exercise in assessing how we look, remember and draw. I found it reminiscent of of Martin’s workshop.

DSC08581DSC08584 DSC08582

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