WCA Drawing Lab: Guoxin Fu 18 March 2014

Drawing Lab: Guoxin Fu 18 March 2014


Normally, individuals restrict themselves to do what they think is private behavior in private. This usually sparks debate about what private behavior is and why we can’t do this when we are in somewhere around other people. In other words, we concern about how people look at us and if we are watched in some circumstances. In this workshop, I will explore the relationship between ‘to watch’ and ‘be watched’. You are expected to consider what your private behaviors are and relate them to some public places where you think they might happen.

Aim of the workshop

To explore what individuals think of ‘to watch’ and ‘be watched’ through the whole process and to examine how the method of drawings will help improve your ideas.


1 hour 50 minutes (option of time for discussion at end)


Pencil, pen, charcoal, water color, water-based pen, and any other materials that you think are suitable for your artistic expression.

4 x A4 paper

Scissors (if possible)

Sketch board or sketch book with hard cover (in case you can’t draw on soft paper without any support)

(If possible, please bring cameras or mobile phones with the function of photography as you will need to take photos in Exercise 2.) 

Exercises 1: (in the drawing room for 30 minutes)

Step 1: You will be asked to sit in different positions. (I will arrange the chairs and tables beforehand.)

Step 2: Draw or sketch several head or full-length portraits of anyone you want without telling them when you do it. Remember to concentrate on their facial expression and gesture when they don’t notice it. Using your own artistic expression to present how you feel about the one you draw.

(Have a 10-minute break)

Exercises 2: (outside the drawing room for 1 hour)

Step 1: For the first 10 minutes, you will need to think of 1- 2 private behavior that you won’t do in public. Then make a quick sketch. (You can do this in the drawing room.)

Step 2: The following 10 minutes is for you to find out a public place where you think is the most appropriate occasion to do the private behavior you have sketched in Step 1.

Step 3: In the last 40 minutes, you will need to develop your sketch in Step 1 with certain surroundings and take a photo for it with real scenes (the example was given as follow). You can draw it in your own way and cut or tear the paper in your own purpose. The size can be random. During this time, you can have 10 minutes’ break autonomously.

Here are more examples from Ben Heine:

(Tips for this step: It’s not easy to complete this step, ask students for help might simplify your process. And keep a certain distance from the scene will be better.)

Discussion: (in the drawing room for 10 minutes)

All the participants gather together in the drawing room to share and talk about their work and process.

GUOXIN FU Peer Workshop 11

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