WCA Drawing Lab 4: Scale 28 Nov 13

MA Drawing Lab 4

Thursday 28/11/13 11am – 1pm

Centre for Drawing with TK




The question of scale refers to both the scale of the mark made as well as the scale of a drawing, and how the drawing addresses the scale of the environment/space it is placed in. Scale is more than how big or small something is, a drawings’ dimensions are also relative; relative to other drawings, its subject, it’s mark-making, its composition, the amount of space it occupies, its place in the room.


What you will be considering :

An exploration of scale, the impact of making drawings of different sizes,

an introduction to simple systems of drawing using a grid that mean a drawing can change scale,

the dynamics of group work on a large drawing.



Please bring general drawing materials, but not using colour, please also include charcoal, white pastels, and rubbers + 3 sheets of A1 drawing paper.


Exercise one. 10 minutes


Make several drawings on very small pieces of paper – this paper will be supplied.


Exercise Two. 10 minutes


Select one of these drawings and place it in the room. Bring your attention to how different placement might effect the drawing’s reading and its scale.


Exercise Three. 25 minutes


Fold your one of your small drawings in half along the longest dimension, then in quarters. Unfold it, and see that you have produced a grid across the paper.

Take a larger sheet of paper, – take an A1 piece of paper and fold this the same way.

Using the grid transfer the drawing on the small paper to the larger piece of paper.


Exercise Four. 45 minutes


Take your larger drawing and place it on the wall to form a grid with the drawings of your peers. Have the drawings all in the same orientation and placed next to each other.


Using charcoal and rubbers work as a group to have your drawings combine and form a bigger collective drawing. You can add more sheets of paper to the grid if you want the drawing to get bigger.


The scaling up of the small drawing to A1 size paper was effective. Once we had fixed our A1 drawings to the wall & stared making  a larger drawing I felt uneasy about drawing on other people’s work.  However, once this I overcame this initial misgiving it was interesting to draw as part of a group – albeit in silence & with out any obvious direction or reference to the original drawings. . .

Scale stiched together 3 28 Nov 13

The finished collage by 8 people.

Scale 2

Part of the other groups drawing.


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