Selfie 22 May 14 V2Dr Gareth Morgan is a Cell Biologist with an MA in Drawing (Distinction) from Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London. He is interested in the application of drawing for the communication of scientific & medical concepts, particularly around diabetes.

Gareth gained a PhD in Cell Biology from the University Oxford and has extensive expertise in biomedical research, but became interested in visual ways of communicating medical information as a result of being diagnosed with Type I diabetes & seeing first-hand the problems faced by health care professionals in explaining diabetic medicine to patients and by patients trying to explain their condition to health care professionals.

Fortunately, before, during and after this pathophysiological crisis, and inspired by cartoonists such as Ralph Steadman & Steve Bell, Gareth had begun scratching out doodles of his experiences and observations. Taking like a flatfooted duckling to inky satirical waters, Gareth has greatly enjoyed developing his acidic drawing style at Wimbledon.

Working in ink, pastel, charcoal, animation & humour Gareth is currently exploring medicine from the patients’ perspective using a unique combination of science understanding, personal experience & drawing. Gareth is producing work about what’s happening in diabetic medicine right now, from the science to the politics of this increasing popular chronic disease.

Gareth makes two main types of drawings aimed for digital publication in diabetes magazines, medical e-Learning, healthcare/academic journals, social media, the press or in advertising or to be used as teaching aids. Firstly, there are drawings that are responsive to current events in science, medicine, politics & and personal experiences. Secondly, he produces work with a longer view predominantly aimed at use in teaching/education of healthcare & science. Not every thing Gareth does is related to health, he also enjoys making drawings of other things with liberated expressionistic marks.

For his MA Final Show he produced a conceptual piece, 4200 plus one, an animation about blood glucose control made using protective caps of the lancets used for his blood tests (which are usually thrown away).

Gareth is available for commissioned art work & cartoons (Please see his skills page).

Gareth offers a service helping other Artists present themselves through Artist’s Statements.

If you are interested in using these services or to licence his work the please contact Gareth below or directly by email.

To find out more please use the pull down menus to navigate the site or get in touch: 

Email: gareth@garethwmorgan.com

Twitter: @DiabetesArt @GazzaMorgan1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Diabetes-Art-Machine/1430317253925554

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