What would I say to somebody recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes? 16 Dec 13

Type 1 diabetes has a genetic component in the way immune cells recognise & kill the insulin producing cells in the pancreas. The other members of my family are all too aware of this, my dad had it & I got it . . . This time the GP seems to think that one of my close relatives is ‘almost certainly’ diabetic. As we wait the results of the blood tests I go for a long run &  think carefully about what I would I say to somebody recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes? Obviously there would be a lot for them to take on board at that time. . .

I was f**king terrified!
But don’t worry you’ll be fine.
It’s all about matching the carbohydrate you eat or drink to the insulin & exercise you take. Whilst checking your blood sugar.
The most important thing is having a positive mental attitude to it. We’re now playing defensive midfield against it. Don’t hold back, get stuck into it. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but usually it’s a draw. . .Insulin; defensive midfield 01 Jan 13

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