WCA Unit 2 Exhibition 22 May 14

Unit 2 Exhibition


Much of my work this term has been attempting to develop a style of drawing that will get people’s attention can be used to impart information and will incorporate my own inherent expressionism. My line seem to work well in ink.


Humorists: Ralph Steadman, Steve Bell, John Callahan, David Shrigley

Expressionists: Francis Bacon, Patric Heron, Lucian Freud, David Hockney, Otto Dix, Henrich Kley, George Grosz.

New. William Kenridge

Style? I am trying to develop a style that is accessible to people from non-art & non-science backgrounds – it’s not easy. I also want to be able to react to quickly to events ideas. I have thought about animation as I imagine the work may reach a wider on-line audience. I am therefore experimenting with a cartoon style strip that may pave the way for motion.

Media? Ultimately I think a good target for my work will be an on-line audience. The clear bold lines of ink will hopefully translate well for this purpose. The speak is written with a reed pen.I have use lightweight paper with a view to being able to trace images quickly to facilitate animation. For the same reason, in part, I have used stencils to produce the queuing patients. The stencils also convey an impersonal, mass produced herd effect on the patients, typical of the way they are viewed by some healthcare providers.

Content: I think the idea of my drawing for scientific, although a good one is a reasonable way off at the moment for a number of reasons – principally style. I feel more able to try to communicate idea from the patient side of the fence. This particular work, “The person most likely to kill you: The cost of bullying,” is about a conflict between hospital based & general practice medicine that patient’s sometimes find themselves in. It is time consuming, irritating and above all can be deleterious to health. Last time I brought it to the attention of the hospital they asked if I was prepared to talk about the issue on national radio. I “bottled it”, and to a degree, I am trying to make amends with this work.


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