WCA Tutorial 13 Aug 14

Tania Tovats and I assess what we have for show in terms of the animation and drawings.

Room 1 in House 2 current location for at least part of this work.

Both Gavin & Tania express a ‘compulsion’ in wanting to watch the animation again – this is encouraging and intriguing. Parts of the animation I feel are too fast, however this may contribute to the watch-again-ability. Personally, I think button movies resonate with everybody. . . .

Tania suggest I copy some the pen and ink drawings about diabetes, graffiti style, directly onto to the wall. This is interesting as Shaun & I have discussed something similar.

I am enthusiastic about the prospect of drawing on the walls. I really like Joyce Pensato’s painting and expressionist cartoons.




The drawings I am considering transferring onto the walls are:

What keeps you going?? (Insulin) 12 Nov 13 2 Dean's challange 17 Feb 14 resize

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