WCA Thoughts on the course. . .

Thoughts on the course. . . External Assessor:

Following  Terry Kavanagh the  External Assessor’s visit. I have put together a few points discussion points.

1). Split of marks during assessment.
Many students feel they have to spend a disproportionately long time on the essay & research folio for the percentage of marks awarded for them.

2). Artists talks.
Several of the artists’ talks were weak, with seemly little structure & drive. Apparently, the lecture series was better last year.

3). Life drawing classes.
It surprising & disappointing that a College with a serious commitment to drawing only supports 2 terms of life drawing classes. For a full time 1 year Drawing MA with much time spent on academic work (see point 1) life drawing classes provide value time & structure to the practice of drawing. Are there life drawing classes available anywhere else in at UAL?

4). Part Time students should do better?

Part Time students should do better than full time students as most MA Drawing classes happen on Wednesday & Thursday the day PT students attend, over 2 years.

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