Symbiosis (A novella – with occasional illustrations)

Billy, is an artist struggling to make a living. As a kid Billy heard people talking shop on a train, somebody had resigned from their job and was doing quite well as a freelancer. What was a freelancer? It conjured up ideas of a knight on horseback carrying a jousting lance. Billy resolved to become a noble freelancer and never be confined to a miserable office with other salary slaves.

Now Billy was living the dream as a freelance visual artist but it simple was working. It had become a nightmare, he didn’t even make enough money to eat never mind pay the bills and drastic measures were required.

What could be done? He didn’t have other any skills that people might want. The only thing that separated him from the heard and might save him was his ‘sensitivity’ he’d inherited from his mother’s gypsy genes. Giving the idea five minutes thought Billy decided to become a freelance psychic investigator and began to look online for a jobsite, “UpPsych” perhaps, where he could begin to ply his new trade.

Combining his new psychic investigator practice and his old artistic practice Billy begins to find enough work to almost make ends meet. The marriage is one where, weirdly, there are common elements to each.

Billy is a heavy sleeper but experiences night terrors and sleepwalking. Occasionally when he awakes Billy finds night drawings at his workstation. The drawings range from outline doodles to almost complete works. The work is usually made with whatever was left at the drawing board. He’s has no memory of making the drawing but may remember fragments of the dream. Often the images are meaningless but sometimes they seem prophetic. Happily the punter is often able to connect with work and to see something in it that assists the psychic investigation – sketch and pages from a Billy’s notebook – in no particular order:

Idea for animation 28 July 15   Billy’s got talent

Reporter V3 28 Sept 14    Fat Prophet

Staircase Nov-16 One of our pikeys is missing





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