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Selfie 22 May 14 V2I am a Cell Biologist currently studying for an MA in Drawing at Wimbledon College of Art. I am interested in the application of drawing for communication of scientific & medical concepts, particularly around diabetes.

I have extensive expertise in biomedical research, but became interested in non-verbal ways of communicating medical information as a result of being recently diagnosed with Type I diabetes & seeing first-hand the problems faced by health care professionals in explaining diabetic medicine to patients and by patients trying to explain their condition to health care professionals.

Much of these web pages detail my attempts to get to grips with & experiment with drawing. There are also accounts of the learning process and my exploration of the interfaces of science and art.

Curriculum Vitae: GWMorgan_CV_May 2014


Highlights & points of interests from Unit 2 include:

Learning through studying:

I have studied numerous artists, works styles & techniques.

LF Head of a Man 19 April 14Ada 16 May 14Lucien Freud

More: http://garethmorgan.myblog.arts.ac.uk/learning-through-studying/

National Gallery Exhibition:

‘Just for the day: Wimbledon MA Drawing responds to The National Gallery collection’

Missing person 25 March 14

More: http://garethmorgan.myblog.arts.ac.uk/national-gallery-exhibition-27-28-march-2014/

Drawing Lab Peer Workshop: Satirical drawings

Cartoon Lab Montage May 14

More: http://garethmorgan.myblog.arts.ac.uk/drawing-lab-gareth-morgan-08-may-2014/

 Life drawing & other drawing:

Much of my work this term has been attempting to develop a style of drawing that will get people’s attention, can be used to impart information and will incorporate my own inherent expressionism.

Life drawing 20 Feb 14Something wicked 24 April 14

More: http://garethmorgan.myblog.arts.ac.uk/12-2/


I am encouraged by the responses I am getting from researchers & health care practitioners for the appliance of art in science & health.

Drawing Diabetes 03 April 14Challenge 17 Feb 14

More: http://garethmorgan.myblog.arts.ac.uk/patient-opinion-meeting-2-april-2014/


I have seen numerous stimulating exhibitions like this one on Beautiful Science at the British Library; it contained some interesting infographics around the science of water.


More: http://garethmorgan.myblog.arts.ac.uk/british-library-beautiful-science-01-april-14/

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