One Year of Life at Home

View from home:

In a residential cul-de-sac 100’s of these TYPES of trucks appeared with out warning in August 2016 – often at a a rate of 10 per hour. Simultaneously, we experienced extensive damage to our property. We tried to speak to the Developer, the Council and the School about this damaging and  dangerous, unapproved traffic on our road. There were other issues around unapproved lighting. Their reply?

1: It wasn’t us.

2: It didn’t happen.

3: We’ve got planning.

4: Liability can not be linked to us.

It was them, it did happen and they didn’t have planning permission.




CG HaulageNorris SkipsTCP truck

Les Smith Hauliage Feb 17Jacksons Feb 17


The excavator went up and down shaking our house all day:


1Excavator next to my house 10 Oct 16 .jpg

Excavator 20160823_084236

Types of trucks montage:

Costain truck montage 28 Sept 17

The view from our cul-de-sac:  1View from Our road

The view from our cul-de-sac:  2

Site compound can be clearly seen obstructing entry from the main road .

View from our road 2

Site compound being dismantled 17 Feb 2017.

Clear obstructions (site compound LHS and haulage container boxes RHS) to site entry from the main road.

Main enterance 5 20170217_150618

3 Lights installed without planning permission.

Apparently for illuminating access through a gated lane which is locked at both ends 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Access lane light 24 April 17 copy

Part of our garden – lights off.

Lampost Garden Off

Part of our garden – lights on.

Lamp post Garden on

Saturday 8:00 am, The Sound of Living at Home:

Thursday 8:45 am, The Sound of Living at Home:


What would you draw? See some of what I’ve drawn about this experience: One Year of Life at Home


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