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Learning through studying: Unit 2

During unit 2 I have studied numerous artists, works styles & techniques. Here are a few examples and word of explanation.

Following my exhibition of the art school favourite, a charcoal drawing I had a few suggestions that ‘my line’ was more suited to ink. My assessment feed back suggested some of my work contained inherent expressionism. I therefore set about looking at works with fine lines in ink & etchings by artists employing various degrees of expressionism – and the odd cartoonist. I try to work quickly using the original a guide.

Restaurateur (After DH) 5 Feb 14Hockney's mother 12 Jan 14

David Hockney


After Dix's Portrait of the 19 Jan 14OD's Portrait of a  Journalist 01 Feb 14 resiz

Otto Dix


Study of Bacon's Dog V2 25 Jan 14

Francis Bacon


Purebred Pig 15 April 14Kelyphant 13 April 14
Heinrich Kley


Sarfevolution 13 April 14

Gerald Scarfe


Study of Freud's Watson 22 Jan 14LF Head of a Man 19 April 14

Lucien Freud


GG's Toads 10 May 14








George Grosz




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