WCA Jerwood Drawing Prize July 2014

Working for the Jerwood Drawing Prize was an interesting and informative experience over 4 gruelling days.

At the hand of work it was interesting to see the range of handed in but also the variety of people making the work. It’s quite rare (in my experience) and certainly eye-opening to be able to match the work to a face. I don’t want to start digging too big a hole with sweeping generalisations but I don’t think I would have guessed who were responsible for making the the more experimental or the more conservative drawing I received. It was also informative to see the spectrum of different ways of presenting a drawing. I honestly believed, before the first hour of JDP work there would be a more conservative a range of sizes of work and frames.

I was also keen to get some Art handling experience on my CV for future jobs. However, I may quite probably been deterred from doing so as I encountered some bamboozling and demeaning attitudes- which rather sullied the whole experience.  It would be unedifying to report these incidents here but if you’re interested just ask myself or Gavin Edmonds . . .

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