WCA Intaglio printmaking workshop 15 Nov 13

I drew a sketch of a character from one of Ralph Steadman’s Sigmund Freud drawings and brought it along to the Intaglio printmaking workshop. It was then then used as a guide to etch into the plastic sheet. I found it difficult to see the marks already made & had no real idea what intensity of the printed line produced would be. I had some white space in the drawing and decided to test how writing would come out in the print making process. No sooner had I start started scratching away than I realised the writing would be reversed, damn. I could “Photoshop it” later I thought, but seemed to go against the sprit of the experiment in using a 500 year old technology,  so I pressed on with some mirror writing. When I do this again I will reverse the image before starting – lesson learnt.


One of Ralph's Freudian punters 14 Nov 13Template drawing.

Printing Nov 13Printmaker at work.

Intaglio print 15 Nov 13The Print.

Hanging Nov 13


Finally, with child like enthusiasm I hung it on the wall in a shady place!

Intaglio printmaking workshop notes: Printing workshop 15 Nov 13


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