WCA Glucose animation: rough cut

Glucose animation: rough cut

To test the idea & how it might look I made a short animation about blood glucose control using the round protective lancet caps?

The rough cut animation shows carbohydrate foodstuffs causing increased blood glucose and the importance of insulin in the cellular uptake of blood glucose.

I now intend to make a final version doing some things differently and more carefully (it’s a bit hurried particularly towards the end & I imagine remaking it will take at about 2 weeks of dedicated time). I will,

1) try using green screen & attempt to add some things digitally, such as the introduction and the cells.

2) try to get the writing appearing and disappearing in the same manner & at the same speed. Also, the overall speed of the animation will be reduced.

3) try to keep the lighting and shifts between sequences more consistent.

4) select food stuffs that are less able to roll around during production.

5) test the addition of sound and or voiceover over the final animation.

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