WCA Drawing Lab: Xian Gao 01 May 2014

Drawing Lab: Xian Gao 01 May 2014

Aim of the workshop

My aim is to discover the relationship between food and recipe and imagination.

Duration:  about 2h


1 mouth stomach
2 passion for food!!!!!!
3 anything you want to present your recipe


DSC08418 about  20 min pick a dish or a course you like and draw the recipe

normally a recipe is written by words but this time we gonna draw the process~

rest 10 min

2 about  20 min draw a dish or a course that you may want to eat in the future from your imagination

3 discussion

pick one dish you may want to have a try from exercise 2

rest 10 min

4 Chinese hot pot party!!!!! plz tell me anything you can’t eat

5 Clean lol

Xian's DL May 14

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