WCA Drawing Lab: Qian Lin (Lisa), 13 March 2014

Drawing Lab: Qian Lin (Lisa), 13 March 2014

Drawing in the Cafe:


Pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, pen, water colour on cardboard of different colours & sizes .

Drawing 1:  ( 30 minutes)

Firstly, you can sit anywhere you want in the coffee bar, or even sit outside of  it looking inside. Draw the whole atmosphere , but just keep your attention on the scene and the figure can be unclear.

Cafe culture  13 Mar 14

( break 10 minutes)

Drawing 2:  (40 minutes)

Select 1 or 2 people or the objects you are interested in, draw in details, for 1  or 2 drawings.

Cafe culture 3 13 Mar 14. Cafe culture 2 13 Mar 14.

Discussion: ( 10 minutes)

Somewhat surprisingly (to me) for visual artists some students find drawing outside the studio intimidating. I think everybody found the relaxed & controlled environment conducive to drawing away from the studio.

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