WCA Drawing Lab: Jhih-Ren Zhou (Ren), 20 March 2014

MA Drawing Peer Workshop – (Ren) Jhih-Ren Shih

Time : 20/3/2014 2:00pm

MA Drawing Peer Workshop – Jhih

IntroductionSketch is my favorite hobby in my daily life. When I found some nice landscape or interesting events, the first thing to do is decide a good “position”. Because, you get the good “position” which meaning is the good “viewpoint” as well. The “position” about where you stand also will affect the composition of your works.

Aim of the Workshop

In this peer workshop, I like to encourage everyone to rethinking the “position” of your drawing viewpoint. Try to keeping changing your “position” when you are drawing a subject. Find a unique place that can help you to create a special viewpoint of work.

The different viewpoint also can create a special atmosphere.


Sketchbook, Paper, Pencil, Pigments, etc.


  1. Introduction and set up environment – 10 minute
  2. Drawing 1 – 50 minute ( every 10 minute change position)
  3. Take a break -5 minute
  4. Drawing 2 – 50 minute ( every 10 minute change position)
  5. Discuss – 20minute

Total : 2 hours 5 minute

Drawing Lab 20 March 14.

Drawing 1

Location: Center of Drawing

Everyone choice a position and to draw the sitter, there will have a chair, two cushions on the floor, a rug, a ladder and one table, those items will spread in different position in CfD. Each one can find a “position” to occupy then drawing, you can sit, stand, lie on the floor, do any gestures you want. Sitter will sit in the middle of the CfD, he will keeping gestures too. Every 10 minute everyone should change the position you choice.


Drawing Lab 2 20 March 14Drawing 2

Location: Wimbledon college of art campus.

Like play “hide and seek”, each one can go to find a quiet position and start to drawing. Sitter will sit or stand in front of the reception building, he will keeping changing gesture. Every 10 minute everyone should change the position you choice.

How to capture the results? Photography and record.

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