WCA Drawing Lab: Ana Luisa Santos Menezes 24 April 2014

Drawing Lab: Ana Luisa Santos Menezes 24 April 2014

Workshop – connecting devices


From Open Yale Courses – INTRODUCTION TO THEORY OF LITERATURE – Professor Paul Fry:

“The process of the dehumanization of the human… It’s really a new way of thinking about the human.

Deleuze wants to understand the body as being interactive…He wants to understand it as being everywhere and nowhere, an un-situated body among other bodies.”

“…the dehumanization of the postmodern has to do not at all with denying the importance of the human but with this radical way of rethinking the human among other bodies and things.

Plainly, this emphasis involves a kind of dissolving into otherness, a continuity between subject and object in which the difference, ultimately, between what is inside me, what is authentic or integral to my being me, and what’s outside me become completely permeable and interchangeable.”

“We are too used to thinking that we’re in here and everything else is out there and that, somehow or another, our perspective on everything out there is a kind of saving isolation enabling our power of objectivity.”

“How can this be, because we’re made up of the same things that are out there? We, too, are molecular, in other words. What is in us ‘rusts iron and ripens corn’ [his words]. There is a continuousness between the inside feeling we have about ourselves and the exteriority with which we are constantly coming in contact.” 1

1- Water Pale –  The late nineteenth-century author and aesthetic philosopher in the conclusion to his book The Renaissance.

Aim of the workshop:

For my next project I’m particularly interested in the relationship between identity, body and technology in a permanent shift between subject and object.

My aim in this workshop is to investigate the body language in the process of drawing, how drawers, makers, are affected by technology devices and collective creation.

Instead of using technology I will use the body as tool, a metaphor of strange objects that are more and more present in our lives.  


From 1h30 up to 2h


1. your beautiful body

2. material for drawing – pencil, charcoal, watercolour…

4. A3 paper

5. Large paper (I’ll provide that)

What is the methodology you need the group to follow?

UntitledExercise 01 – 20 minutes – object of drawing / drawing object – you will use your partner’s hand to draw his portrait.

Rest – 10 minutes rest

Exercise 02 – 20 minutes – Your partner will draw your portrait using your hand.

Rest – 10 minutes rest

UntitledExercise 03 – 30 minutes – connected drawing – in group of 3 or more you will be tied to each other and you will do an collective drawing.


What do you anticipate the results show?

I believe this is an opportunity for creators to have more awareness of their body and somehow acknowledge others as reality. And also to reflect upon technology and different ways of drawing. My ultimate aim is to propose an experience, an encounter, to create connections between creators.

How do you plan to capture the results?

I intend to use a video camera during the process. I’m much more interested in the process than the the final result itself.

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