WCA Drawing Lab 3: Feeling a response

MA Peer Workshop Proposal

Name: Lorraine Young



To look to artists who use drawing as or within their practice, examining their drawing methodologies and to consider if educators can benefit directly from this.



Aim of the workshop  FEELING A RESPONSE

 Examine one particular methodology/ approach to drawing practice , …this workshop aims to encourage a direct route of communication between both hands. Over several drawings of the same object tactile information should transfer and be made visible , recording marks that are made in response to haptic sensation.


Observation 5mins

2 drawings each 20mins each , ( 10 mins discussion )

break 30mins

2 drawings each 20mins , (  10 mins discussion )

Observation 10 mins

Total time 2hs 45 min  ( option of time for discussion at end )


Combination of B, 2B , 3B, and 4B pencils , white paper .

Subject : Please bring small object

 A hand sized object which has a variety  of tactile qualities ( consider texture ,contrast, irregular surfaces) , scarf ( use as blindfold ).

The ObjectThe Object.

What is the methodology you need the group to follow?

Examine your object for 5 mins – write a detailed description of it.

Blindfold yourself ,

Drawing 1:  (20mins)  feeling the object with one hand , draw with the other .

Drawing Lab Blind Right Hand15 Nov 13 resize


Drawing with right hand blind.

Drawing 2 : (20mins) Change hands and repeat .

Drawing Lab Blind Left Hand 15 Nov 13 resize

Drawing with left hand blind.

Group discussion 10 mins

Break  30 minutes

Drawing 3:  (20 mins) Remove the object and blindfold, make a drawing from memory, (concentrate on remembering observed qualities from your written list and incorporate what you feel are the most successful marks from your first drawings )

Drawing Lab Memory Right hand 15 Nov 13 resize

Drawing from memory.

Examine all drawings . (10 mins)

Drawing 4: (30mins) Repeat instructions for drawing 1 with blindfold  using  either hand .

Carravaggio's The Denial 13 0ct 13 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Drawing with right hand blind second attempt.

Discussion until end of session


What do you anticipate the results show?

Drawings showing a sensitive response to touch ,containing felt marks.

Introduce another approach to drawing.

? Consider the benefits of this workshop as a tool for learning to draw.


How do you plan to capture the results?

Document groups discussion, explore what is felt to be Un/successful mark making .

Re-examine drawings and the object ,document which marks best describe the object .

Photograph drawings .

Write up findings .



I was expecting that feeling with my right hand would exaggerate detail relative to to my left. (I am right handed) which was not the case. I had not previously attempted to draw with my left hand and found, it a more liberated limb than my right, working freely from the elbow.









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