Diabetes Cartoons


Some cartoons about diabetes drawn for the Diabetes Mine Sunday Funnies

Where’s my site dance

Macarenena Sept 19

Diabetes Vacations

Diabetes vaccations 2 7 Aug 19

If only

If only D-cartoon 19 Feb

Pancreas Drone

Pancreas drone V3 Sept 2 18

Rage Bolus

Rage boluser V1 Aug 18Diabetic JamDiabetic Jam May 18.jpg

Charlie Brown

Smiley CGM

Diabetes Awareness

Insulin. Makes my day. . .MBDMAFO EC003


Cyborg cartoon colour July 17

Luck Test Strips

Boat trip July 17 copy

Diabetes Bingo

Diabetes Bingo Cartoon 2 May 17 copy

Wrong setting

Wrong setting March 17




Why did the PWD cross the road?

Cross the road 16.jpg

Discovery (in celebration of Columbus Day)





Campfire cartoon 04 Juy 16

Night time hypo 2

Nightime hypo digital


Boiled sweet

High blood sugar May 16


Night time hypo 1

Unwanted Nightime Hypo

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Low Noon

Low Noon 3 3 Dec 15


Hypohouse 19 Sept 15

Space Pills

Sugar Pills June 15


Mosquitos June 15 V2

Falling SugarFalling sugar May 2015

What people with diabetes (might) hear.   

What PWD hear (edit2) 2 Mar15


Glucose meters V3 9 Jan 14 resize

Finger pricks Finger pricking 27 Nov 14


Cookies 22 Nov 14





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