The Diabetes Art Machine

Art MachineThe Diabetes Art Machine takes the experience of diabetes and turn them into works of art. The aims are to produce art to engage the public with some of the issues involved in living with diabetes and to explore the use of art to facilitate exchange of information.

What keeps you going2?
How I felt about being told I need insulin injections 4 times a day.                                          What I transferred on the walls.
Falling sugar May 2015
Hypoglycemia cartoon

I will make works of art in response to the experience of diabetes. The artwork will include drawn and object stop motion animations, drawings, cartoons, sculptures, and organised drawing performances that will construct a narrative about living with diabetes today. Soundscapes responding to the visual artwork will be produced and integrated into the finished work. You can read more about the intended outcome here.

A still from an animation made with lancet caps.

Animation made using contributed experiences:

Free & Effective Healthcare
Free & Effective Healthca

Get involved! On the CONTRIBUTE PAGE or on Twitter (@DiabetesArt) or Facebook you are invited to feed the machine something about your experience of diabetes to be made into a works of art.

Important information:  This site does not comment on health matters or provide medical advice.

Any questions, other comments or suggestions or if you would like to contribute an experience of diabetes please email 

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