WCA Comics Unmasked. The British Library. July 2014

Comics Unmasked July 14 Comics Unmasked July 14.

Advertising drawing by Jamie Hewlett

One of the most interesting thread in this exhibition is how comics have have often served rebellious and even revolutionary ends. For example the V for Vendetta Guy Faulks mask that has become probably the most dominant symbol of political struggle and struggle originates not in the tepid 2005 movie but back in Thatcher’s Britain of the 1980’s in a comic book by  Alan Moore and David Lloyd, in which a psychologically damaged anarchist fights a fascist British state.


It worth noting that the profits from the sale of the masks to anti-capitalist & anti-corporation activists goes not to Moore and Lloyd but Warner Bros – one of America’s 100 biggest companies. . .

There is a vast array of ideology, attitudes and attitudes on display.  On remarkable is that of John Hinkleton was a brutal comic artist who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000. He made a documentary about his illness which was show at the Science Museum and he chronicled is struggle against the condition  in a graphic novel 100 months which he finished the day before died in at Dignitas.

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