WCA Sequences 8-10 BGA: Sweet Food Contains Glucose. 10 Aug 14

Food and drink for diabetics. Important stuff this the message is again spelt out with lancet caps in the same way as sequence 7. Having discussed the animation with healthcare professionals it is apparent they think the important parts of their message must not be overlook but be emphasised. What better way to do it (largely for their benefit) can there be to than writing it out clear and slowly in block capitals. “SWEET FOOD CONTAINS GLUCOSE!”. (Even so, there was quite a long debate over the precise wording such simple phrase of this).

When I came to make a start in the morning it had rained over night and humidity in the air seems to wrapped the paper stretched out on the board. In fact this whole part has proved immensely frustrating.

Because the original file of photographs is too late to be processed by Photoshop it had to be broken down into three separate parts. “SWEET FOOD”, “CONTAINS GLUCO” “OSE!” I Thought I could the CONTAINS GLUCO” “OSE!” for the next part of animation by overlaying in Adobe After Affects easily – or so I thought.


The whole animation so far: with a long pause for the ‘STARCHY’ bit


Finally I tried some image capture just to get away from the computer. First up sweets. Eating. . .





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