WCA Sequences 20-23: BGA Orange juice, pasta and bread 15 Aug 14

Orange Juice: The demise of the banana leaves 2 malicious lancet cap circles. I has thought about 2 ways of consuming the carbohydrate in orange juice – an important form of glucose in the modern management of diabetes. But as a liquid it is a difficult one to visualise. First it could be drunk from a glass or, better visually is could be squeezed out by the animated lancet caps. These two lancet cap circles provide the perfect vehicle.

Carbohydrate =20 g => 20 Lancet caps

Pasta: In the first rough cut animation test run through. I has used cylindrical Fusilli pasta which had a habit of rolling around on the animation board, so for this version I needed a flatter  pasta. As I examined the pasta array of a large supermarket for flatter pasta I also thought about how a serving portion might work visually, without repeating the format used for food stuff, the Rice Snake was one to avoid if possible. Farfalle was flat and it looked vaguely butterfly like – commonly called bow-tie pats in English, the name is actually derived from the Italian word for butterfly, farfalla. I wondered if it might lend itself to a swarm of butterflies. I think swarms and flocks work well visually, think of the Starling murmuration at Brighton’s West Pier. It is also interesting that these stunning aeronautic displays can be mathematically modelled on simple algorithms as initially shown by Craig Reynolds’ ‘Boids’, in 1986.

1. Move in the same direction as your neighbours.

2. Remain close to your neighbours.

3. Avoid collisions with your neighbours.

Could I animate pasta butterflies to do something similar?

100g = 70 g Carbohydrate  => 70 Lancet caps (219g).

Bread: I thought the bread bobbing up through the lancet cap sea then being consumed in simple bites had worked quite well in the the original rough cut animation has worked quite well. This time however, in keeping it preventive to the actual glucose content of the food I had less lancet caps to work with.

One slice = 20 g Carbohydrate => 20 Lancet caps.

20-22 BGA OJ, pasta and bread 15 Aug 14

Brighton’s West Pier Starlings: http://www.westpier.co.uk/starlings/

Craig Reynolds: http://www.red3d.com/cwr/



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