WCA Sequence 7 BGA: This is Glucose 11 Aug 14

These are important sequences, to try to give the viewer the idea of seeing lancet caps as glucose molecules.

Not only do the the lancet caps spell out “THIS IS GLUCOSE”, but they also point from THIS to  lancet caps that then melt into the “G” in GLUCOSE, signifying that glucose, in this animation, is made up up of lancet caps.

The font is loosely based on a ‘modern’ dot matrix font but I obvious have a little more leeway.

The animation is made by getting all the lettering out on the animation, using my trusty metal set square and rulers, checking the spelling numerous times before removing the lancets in the reverse order to which they would be written out by hand. To accentuate the illusion of handwriting I take extra frames after the removal of whole letters to introduce breaks between the letter writing.


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