WCA Sequence 11 -13 BGA Starchy Food contains Glucose. Mon 11,12 Aug

An important part of the whole animation is to remind people that starchy food contains just as much of the dangerous glucose as sweet food. I have sat with other diabetes who when trying to figure out the content of say their Chinese meal will say the sauce is sweet so there must be a lot of sugar in that but completely over look the rice or noodles. . . Again the message is writ large in block capitals “AND STARCHY FOOD CONTAINS GLUCOSE”.

I wrote out the “AND STARCHY” and spent what seem like a life time trying to fuse it with “FOOD CONTAINS GLUCOSE”. It needs more work. It doesn’t blend to well at the moment and there is come camera distortion in the second part but it’s in place and the rest of the animation is still to do – I need to be pragmatic at this stage and will hopeful return to try and tidy it up at the end if there is time. I am thinking about inverting part of the sequence as I have had interesting effect with this on single frames in Photoshop.

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