WCA Tate Britain. British Folk Art. July 2014

British Folk Art. 

artist-unknown-bone-cockerel-detail-vivacity-culture-and-leisure-e28093-peterborough-museumI read an interesting review of this exhibition in a current affairs magazine but I found the exhibition rather disappointing. This however, was more than compensated for by the the other visitors to the exhibition who I had great time talking to as we trawled round. It was one of the busier exhibitions I’ve seen recently & it made me ponder the nature of genre, audience &  self selection in the visual arts. . . I would like to try and see this again and examine/redress the possible prejudice I seem to have acquired.


BP Spotlight: Chris Killip

I did enjoy the Photography exhibition of Chris Killip. Documenting the political and social lives of the working class of the north east in the 1970s and 1980s, during a well documented period industrial decline.

Killip2 Killip1

I found these monochromatic images infinitely more engaging than those of Robert Maplethorpe (I also saw recently) which is undoubtably generated to my relationship to their content and my perception of reality and humanity.




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