WCA Sequences 17-19 BGA Rice, banana and Pac Man 14 Aug 14.

Rice: In keeping with the visual language of the animation in spelling names out of constituents, Rice was to to written out in a kind of joined up handwriting, again as in the rough the cut. To try and make it a little more interesting I tried to animate the rice to move like a snake  emerging on to the screen trailing it’s body behind it but testing which direction to go, not just simply perching the line of “Rice”. Towards the start it encounters the malicious glucose molecules/lancet caps and recoils choosing a different path. As the rice snake slithers along it concerted to it equivalent amount of glucose content/lancet caps.

100 g rice = 85 carbohydrate = 85 Lancet caps = 27 g Lancet caps

Banana: A popular source of quick acting glucose this one but difficult to convert to glucose molecules in a fun visually fun way – initially I trout about shooting it “Space Invader” style like the potato but when for a different arcade game “Pac Mac” that once again keep the eating motif running through out the animation. To keep the pace of the animation going I introduce the banana while the rice is still being converted to glucose molecules/lancet caps. The banana is pursued by Pac Man made of lancet caps but it can’t the visual field. It is remarkably difficult to animate lancet caps int a convincing Pac Man using nothing more sophisticated than large coffee cup. As the trapped banana turn it cornered by a second Pac Man amassed from the Rice Snake glucose molecules / lancet caps and devoured.

Banana: 20 g carbohydrate = 20 lancet caps.

17-19 BGA Rice, banana, Pac Man 14 Aug 14.


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