WCA Sequences 24-25 BGA Glucose moves into the bloodstream 16-17 Aug 14

It is now necessary to set the sequence for the final part of the animation – insulin action in the bloodstream. If the animation is to be used for educational purposes I think it need to be as accurate as possible. Physiologically the glucose released by digestion in the stomach is adsorbed into the bloodstream where in the absence of insulin it will accumulate an do damage. I though long and hard about how to go from the last sequence where the bread is eaten and the glucose molecules/lancet caps have accumulates along the bottom of the visual field.

I decided.

In keeping with the rest of the animation style spelt out medical facts could occur on a background. Spelling out what what about to happen would break the continuity of the glucose molecule/lancet cap action enabling me to re arrange it. I could simply move the glucose molecules/lancet caps waiting to adsorbed into the bloodstream (across the lining of the gut) to the top of the field.

Zoom in past glucose molecule/lancet caps.

BGA Moves to bloodstream 16 Aug 14

I did some test fro the next stage. I need to add some barriers for the glucose molecules entering the blood stream and entering cells. Ideally this would be done digitally but I am unsure for who easy or difficult this would be so I reach for some string. Red fro the blood steam and white for the cell membranes.



The next day looked into how to add the bloodstream and cell digitally and decode to go with this. I captured the transfer of the lancets with out the cellular barrier (in the form of string) and add them later.

25 BGA Absorbtion into bloodstream w:o zoom 17 Aug 14

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