WCA Sequence 14 BGA Sweets 11 Aug 14

Finally time to start on the food to lancet caps part of the animation.

I drew up a ‘batting order of carbohydrate /glucose containing foods & how they might animate together. The idea is to directly correlate each food to the mount of carbohydrate contain as represented by lancet caps.



Orange juice.



Pudding? Banana?


 First up sweets. Eating.

I thought it a good Idea to try to put in the all consuming mouth at the top of the animation.

Lancet numbers:

50 g carbohydrate = 50 Lancet caps (15g of lancet caps).

Perhaps worried by the time/too many shots clog the post production process and the concern the sweets might melt under the lights (I did a test melt, I’ve read some some horror stories of eve claymation melting) and there are probably at least 5 food stuffs to get through before the on-line punter clicks elsewhere I tried to do it with as few shots as possible and use an animation  loop cycle.  At first I felt it was a bit too quick, but watching it a couple of times now I’m not so sure it is.

I put it out on social media and play modest  games with buzz word / click ratios. . .

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