WCA 100 years of diabetic medicine at King’s College Hospital, Camberwell 06 Nov 2013

Speakers: Mr Peter Watkins,Honorary Consultant Physician, Dr Carol Gayle, Consultant Endocrinologist, and Dr David Hopkins, Clinical Director

Including a history of diabetes care at King’s and discussion on the leading diabetes care unit at King’s.

A fascinating story of RD Lawence who was a physician at King’s College Hospital, London when at the age of 28 he was diagnosed with diabetes in 1920. At this time diabetes was as fatal condition & Lawence resigned his post & move to Florence. Meanwhile his colleges at King’s College Hospital isolated & tested insulin. In 1923 they sent a telegram to Lawrence , “Come back quick. We have insulin. It works “. Lawence then went on to pioneer the used of insulin in diabetes control, using his own condition. In 1934 he established The Diabetic Association (now diabetes UK) with author H. G. Wells. Lawence went on to live with diabetes until 1968 aged 76.


RD Lawrence (http://www.diabetes.org.uk)



Notes: 100 of diabetic medicine 06 Nov 13

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